Scottie Reynolds works out for his hometown Washington Wizards

Former Herndon High and Villanova guard Scottie Reynolds worked out for the team he grew up rooting for on Tuesday at Verizon Center.
Former Herndon High and Villanova guard Scottie Reynolds worked out for the team he grew up rooting for on Tuesday at Verizon Center. (Michael Perez/associated Press)
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By Zach Berman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scottie Reynolds still possesses his ticket stub and a shirt from the final game at Capital Centre. He attended the second-ever game at Verizon Center, and quickly rattles off the names of former Bullets and Wizards -- Tracy Murray, Chris Whitney, Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, Tim Legler -- while reminiscing like most basketball fans who lived in the Washington area during his youth.

But Reynolds's nostalgia came while wearing a sweat-soaked Washington Wizards practice shirt, having just completed a two-hour workout with Wizards coaches in front of the organization's front office brass. After four years at Villanova, the former Herndon standout tried to impress his hometown team on Tuesday leading up to the June 24 NBA draft.

"It would be a dream come true to come here and contribute to the organization," Reynolds said.

Reynolds joined five other players at Verizon Center for a pre-draft workout. None of the six were solid first-round prospects, although at least one -- Iowa State forward Craig Brackins -- could potentially fall to the Wizards later in the draft. A 6-foot-10, 230-pound forward, Brackins had a standout sophomore year in 2008-09, although his statistics declined after returning for his junior season.

But Reynolds navigates a more difficult path. He was a dynamic scorer at Villanova, but at 6 foot 2, he must become more than a scoring guard to succeed in the NBA. Reynolds understands the uncertainty during the draft process, and did not want to immediately consider alternative options such as international basketball.

After the workout, Reynolds tried to defend Wizards assistant coach Sam Cassell in the post. Cassell worked during the season with Wizards guard Randy Foye, a Villanova alum whom Reynolds calls a "big brother." Reynolds estimates that he'll work out for 11 NBA teams before the draft, adhering to an itinerant route that does not provide much time at home.

"I'm going to stop in for, like, 20 minutes and then catch a flight out to Portland," Reynolds said of his visit to the Washington area. "Not a lot of time at all. Probably get some fried chicken, some macaroni and cheese, some Kool-Aid, and then leave for the airport."

He'll return in the middle of next week, just before the draft. While the selections are announced, Reynolds expects to play pick-up basketball at the Herndon High gymnasium.

"We might put a TV in there," Reynolds said. "I can't just sit there and watch it. I'd lose my hair. But I'm definitely going to be in the gym, because what better thing to do than do what you love while you're watching the draft?"

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