Footage of Bowie High School beating on YouTube has authorities investigating

By Mike McPhate
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prince George's County authorities are investigating the beating of a student in Bowie High School after video of the assault was posted on Facebook, school officials said Tuesday.

Footage of the beating, which apparently occurred shortly after 2 p.m. Friday, shows a young attacker from behind who is weaving through a crowded hallway. The attacker swerves, knocks the 17-year-old victim onto his back then repeatedly punches his head and upper body.

After the attack, the victim's father said, someone swiped his iPod and backpack.

Only one teenager is seen throwing blows in the video, but other students have been identified as participants in the planning and execution of the assault, Prince George's schools spokesman Darrell Pressley said. All face possible expulsion, he said.

The Prince George's sheriff's office will review security footage from the school, said Sgt. Yakeisha Hines, a spokeswoman.

The victim's family is pushing for criminal charges in the incident, first reported by WTOP radio. Iqbal Alami, the teenager's father, described his son as a kid who keeps to himself. He had been bullied before, Alami said, but never so violently.

The boy is sore and has a couple of bumps on his head, his father said. "God only knows how this is affecting him," he said. He said his son, a rising 12th-grader, does not want to return to the school.

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