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Nuptials: Laiza Otero and Adam Ambrogi

(Kate Lall Photography)
Sunday, June 20, 2010

Laiza Otero, 32, is an Arlington County constituent services manager. Adam Ambrogi, 33, is counsel on a Senate committee. They live in Arlington.

Wedding date: May 29.

Location: Marriott Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Guests: 120.

How they met: In 2005, Laiza and Adam worked for the Election Assistance Commission to improve language accessibility for voters and would go to happy hours together. "It took awhile to define the relationship," Laiza says. It was clearer once Adam got a new job in 2006; soon after, they set up a weekend date to visit a dada exhibit at the National Gallery of Art.

The proposal: A year after Adam started saving to buy the ring, he discovered that his great-grandmother had left one that didn't need to be resized and looked perfect. So in April 2009, he called Laiza and persuaded her to hike around the Tidal Basin while the cherry blossoms were in bloom. After asking her to marry him, Adam whisked her away to one of her favorite Arlington restaurants for a special tasting menu.

The wedding: They had their ceremony in San Juan, where Laiza grew up. Guests enjoyed traditional cuisine, including a roasted pig, by the beach the evening before. For the vows, Laiza worked in a promise about playing the video game "God of War III" with Adam.

Honeymoon: Enjoyed gourmet meals on Tortola, one of the British Virgin Islands.

-- Kathleen Hom

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