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Date Lab: First impressions aren't everything

Chris: So we skipped out around 10:30. We decided to take the subway over to Chinatown. I thought it would be more fun than taking a cab.

Adrienne: We ran into people he knows, and they mentioned that the show was over. So we went to the Rocket Bar instead to play skeeball.

Chris: She just completely destroyed me. I don't like losing at anything, so even to lose at skeeball, I had to swallow my ego a little bit. By then, it must have been pushing maybe 12:30, and I had to work early in the morning.

Adrienne: I was shocked it was that late. We shared a cab home, and he was holding my hand. I'm going to take that as flirting. He dropped me off first, even though we kind of drove by his house. We both got out of the cab.

Chris: I gave her a little kiss on the cheek and said goodnight, and she said, "I hope we can do this again sometime," and I said, "Yes, that would be nice."

Adrienne: [I'd rate the date] 4.5 [out of 5]. It's one of the better dates I've been on in a while.

Chris: [I'd give it a] 4.5. I'm usually pretty picky. Like I said, she got more and more interesting as the night went on.

Interviews by Nina Patel

Update: Chris has been traveling for work since the date, but he and Adrienne have exchanged e-mails and say they plan to go out again when he returns.

Updated update: In the weeks since we went to press, Chris reconnected with an old flame. He called Adrienne to let her know he and his ex were back together, so it seems that's the end for these two.

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