A ringing endorsement for Prince George's cellphone ban

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Regarding the June 19 front-page article "Pr. George's schools: Turn off the cell and tune in":

We have created a culture of rampant attention deficit disorder. The fact that some parents object to the cellphone ban by the Prince George's County school board tells us that this cultural warp has infected multiple generations, and many adults are unable to model appropriate behavior for their children.

People in business meetings surreptitiously text under the table. You see people in restaurants with phones buzzing on the table. Friends are distracted by work messages. Real life becomes background noise to the latest intrusion. As a social work supervisor, I've had to remind staffers to give their cellphones a rest during supervision and case conferences.

One student in the article defended cellphone use during class as an effective way to access information. How about accessing information by paying attention to the person in front of the classroom or other classmates who might have something worthwhile to say? And if a parent has to contact a child during the school day, there's an office that can be alerted to that urgent communication.

Focusing on one thing at a time would be a good exercise for all of us to practice daily.

Gina Sangster Hayman, Washington

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