D.C. falls short on traffic control

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The June 20 Metro article "Creating order on 14th Street" gave the false impression that traffic control officers have been present for the past two years of work around Columbia Heights. Despite specific requests for their presence by residents at various public meetings leading up to and during this work, the city never placed them here without residents' unholy noise.

In April, conditions at 14th Street intersections were out of control, with passage by vehicles and pedestrians hampered by construction. Cars were routinely running red lights, and pedestrians were walking against traffic. A serious accident was waiting to happen. No city official recognized this and acted to prevent it. That month, residents began urging the city to take control of these intersections. Only then did traffic control officers appear.

We learned the hard way that you cannot rely on the District Department of Transportation to monitor matters, even if it promises to do so.

Martin Baldessari, Washington

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