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Not all top NBA draft picks work out, but it's hard to argue with the Wizards taking John Wall

Likely number one overall pick John Wall discusses his career at Kentucky, the leadership skills he learned, and his transition to the NBA in a press conference prior to the draft.

Sam Cassell, the Wizards' assistant coach, might bring Wall down to Berry Farm on Monday to show him the atmosphere, the half-smokes, the card games inside the chain-link fence, and a summer pick-up run like none other, where Kevin Durant was scheduled to play Wednesday night.

"He know: The next stop after he gets drafted is inside them gates," Rawls said. "That's where we find out."

What we already know: Wall might be still a teenager, but he's been on the elite-level hoop circuit for a good four years now, learning the ins and outs of how to break down and beat the best players his age and older in America.

And with few exceptions, he has emerged as a winner, a stone-cold competitor and leader wherever he has played.

Personally, having seen the Wizards lose so many tight games over the past few years -- end-of-game situations in playoff games -- because they could not adequately defend a three-pointer or long jumper from the perimeter, I'm looking forward to seeing Wall get in someone's grill.

Discombobulate Dwyane Wade with that long, angular Michael Cooper-like frame that stands 6 feet 4 but has a wingspan of 6-9. Fluster Rondo. Hound Paul Pierce. Embarrass Daniel Gibson, because there is no reason anyone nicknamed "Boobie" should be ending your team's season.

And with all due respect to the anti-Arenas crowd, wondering whether Gilbert will not only be able to play alongside another player who dominates the basketball like Wall but whether the kid will be negatively influenced by a recovering knucklehead, enough already.

Gilbert Arenas corrupt John Wall? Come on, the kid played for Calipari, a man known expressly for grooming youngsters such as Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans and now Wall to be big-time NBA point guards and forfeiting Final Four appearances.

If Wall doesn't know right from wrong now, he never will.

When Ernie Grunfeld, the team president, makes the pick, it's a lock, a no-brainer. Wall is box office at a time when the Wizards have never more needed something to sell.

When David Stern calls his name Thursday night -- amid a fan base's cheers and perhaps his family's tears -- John Wall officially will be Washington's. And the streets will continue to talk about him.

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