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High-tech Obama makes 'Twitters' gaffe

Medvedev is just getting started. His first tweet on June 23 was: "Hello everyone! I'm on Twitter, and this is my first tweet." He has 24,659 followers.

But does the U.S. president really tweet himself? Or is Obama's Twitter account really just another White House public relations gimmick with missives written and posted by a team of communications staffers.

The White House did not respond to questions about the president's tweeting habits, so one is left to deduce them from the tweets themselves.

Obama's latest tweet says: "Called the #USA men's soccer team today to congratulate them on yesterday's extraordinary win and to wish them good luck this Saturday."

One before that said: "I congratulate the House on passage of the DISCLOSE Act--a critical step toward controlling the influence of special interests."

A quick scroll through his most recent posts don't find many that sound as if he typed them out himself. Maybe he's too busy with his other presidential duties.

One recent tweet even said: "Pres. Obama will meet with BP tomorrow to tell them to set aside necessary funds to compensate businesses and people who have been harmed." Doesn't seem like he wrote that one.

But maybe he can learn from Medvedev, who seems to understand the whole idea of Twitter. (Or maybe his press office does.) His third tweet embraced the "post whatever comes to your mind" ethos that the younger generation loves.

"The view from my hotel window," Medvedev tweeted, and he posted the following picture:

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