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Date Lab: As if dating weren't puzzling enough

Molly: We sat down, ordered a pitcher of sangria. Then we ordered five tapas to share between us and just continued to talk. He's very attentive and had interesting things to say himself, just overall a nice guy. I love nice guys. We had dessert and another cocktail.

Jeremy: I don't really think there was too much flirting. It seemed mostly friendly to me. But I don't really consider myself much of a flirt, so that probably had something to do with it.

Molly: On my end, I'd like to think there was chemistry. Along with being cute, fun and charming, he seemed very accepting and appreciative of my many quirks and nerdy interests, which just made it very easy to be myself. But I do have a long history of being pigeonholed into the role of platonic female friend. I'd have to get to know him before I decided if there's romantic potential.

Jeremy: I decided that while I did like her and had a lot of fun, it was just a friends thing. It's nothing specific. In general, I just think that [after] first meeting a girl, you have a pretty good feel for whether there's a [romantic] possibility or not.

Molly: It was about 6:30. He was saying how he goes to [Jazz in the Garden] concerts on Friday nights. I was like, "My roommate's been trying to get me to go." And he was like, "You should meet up with us on Friday." We got each other's phone numbers and walked out together and went to the Metro. We hugged and said goodbye.

Jeremy: I had a great time. She's fun to hang out with and really easygoing. I'd give the day a 5 [out of 5] but maybe for the romantic portion a 3.

Molly: I guess I'd rate it 4.5. I thought it would be a full day of awkward and forced conversation, but it was the complete opposite.

Interviews by Christina Breda Antoniades

Update: Molly and Jeremy and their friends had a good time at Jazz in the Garden. Although the two talked about hanging out again, they hadn't made solid plans as of press time.

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