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Alice's Restaurant Massacree II: The trashing of a legend

Below the Beltway
(Eric Shansby)
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Me: So, no biggie? A misstatement is okay because it "worked better"?


Me: I don't want to overstate my disillusionment here. But this is like hearing Jesus say, "Okay, I didn't turn the water into wine, exactly. Actually, I just added some Kool-Aid powder and turned it into a nice, refreshing beverage."

Arlo: I don't know what to say, man.

Me: Are there any other untruths in the song?

Arlo: There's one. The 27 8-by-10 color glossy photographs with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was? They were not in color, they were actually black and white.

Me: Did you learn your ethics from your dad? Might it be that this land was really made for just him and a few of his cronies?

Arlo: You know, it's possible! I've heard that song sung at Republican conventions.

Me: Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Arlo: Yeah!

Me: Wait. What were you doing at Republican conventions?

Arlo: I'm a registered Republican now.

We talked a bit longer, Arlo and I, and it was amicable, but it all went by in a blur. My mind was cartwheeling. By becoming a Republican, Arlo Guthrie has shredded the last remnants of my faith that our hippie principles had any lasting meaning. How can he do this to us?

I'm a peaceable man, but if I had a hammer ...

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