Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Glor goes global

"Nikki Fitness Fit Travel Workout" (GT Media, $19.99)

Military wives, brides with destination weddings, new mothers and now business travelers: Personal trainer Nicole Glor's got you covered. Glor has created exercise DVDs for all of those audiences, and her newest, "Fit Travel Workout," works every major muscle group in an efficient 30 minutes. The workout requires no equipment except for the occasional park bench for side plank or a hotel bed for a triceps dip, though both can be modified to do on the floor. To show that her regimen of strength training with cardio intervals works in any locale and to provide visual interest, Glor shot the DVD in six places: Chicago, Tampa, New York, Beijing, Venice and Tulum, Mexico. She transitions from move to move as fast as she hops from country to country, which might frustrate exercisers at first, but it does get easier. The "Fit Travel Workout" is available at


A checkup for new drugs

Postmarketing Drug Safety Evaluations

The Food and Drug Administration launched a Web site last week where patients and doctors can look for safety problems involving recently approved drugs. The site lists "adverse events," side effects that weren't detected in clinical trials but were reported by patients after the medications were put on the market. It addresses 26 drugs approved since September 2007 to treat ailments including depression, hypertension, asthma and arthritis. The site doesn't say how many incidents were reported per drug; it does show that the complaints led the FDA to take precautionary steps involving only a couple of the drugs. The agency will add other drugs to the database 18 months after they win approval or after 10,000 patients have used them, whichever comes later. See the list at

-- Rachel Saslow

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