White House discloses wide-ranging staff salaries

By Ed O'Keefe
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, July 2, 2010

The hours are long, the location is choice, and the pay is varied for West Wing staffers.

More than 460 White House employees are paid a combined $38.7 million in salary, according to White House payroll statistics released Thursday as part of an annual report to Congress. Salaries changed little from 2009 because President Obama -- who makes $400,000 annually -- froze the pay of top officials this year.

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West Wing pay ranged from $21,000 for a part-time worker to nearly $180,000. Salary was set at $172,200 for 23 senior aides, including Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, press secretary Robert Gibbs, White House Counsel Robert Bauer, speechwriter Jon Favreau, energy and climate adviser Carol M. Browner and Susan Sher, chief of staff for first lady Michelle Obama. Two health-care policy "detailees," Michael M. Hash and Timothy P. Love, are paid $179,700.

Down the scale, Emanuel deputy Robert L. Nabors makes $162,500; top health-care policy adviser Nancy-Ann DeParle, $158,500; and White House ethics lawyer Norm Eisen, $149,000.

Deputy directors, senior policy analysts, lawyers and "shift leaders" have upper-five-figure salaries. The director of online engagement makes $70,000, while the director of Hispanic media nets $78,000.

Most rank-and-file staff members make between $40,000 and $60,000, including staff assistants, staff secretaries, legislative aides and employees dubbed "vetter" or "media monitor."

Three people -- an adviser, a policy adviser and a special assistant -- work for free.

The White House employs 17 fewer people than last year, records show. The list includes salary information for the Domestic Policy Council and National Economic Council, but Vice President Biden and his staff are not included in the report.

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