What do to before boarding your pet

Thursday, July 8, 2010; PG15

For a kennel stay to go well, you have to prepare properly.

1.From an early age, teach your pet to get along with other people. Do obedience training if necessary.

2.Be sure your pet has had all appropriate vaccinations. It's best if this is done at least two weeks before the time of boarding.

3.Tell the kennel how you (or someone who can make decisions about your pet) can be reached. Also, give the kennel your vet's name and number.

4.If your pet is taking any medications or needs certain foods, be sure to give the kennel an adequate supply along with written instructions.

5.Be sure to let the kennel staff know of any unusual health conditions or personality traits, such as climbing fences or biting, so they won't overreact. Mention any special fears, such as thunder or sirens, so the staff can be prepared to calm the animal.

6.Don't exhibit a lot of emotion; your pet will sense it and be more upset than it otherwise would be. If possible, leave while your pet is still in the reception area so that it will know that you are not still there when it is taken to its quarters.

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