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Miss Manners: Political novice puts friend on the spot

Can you please share your opinion on this matter?

It is that the restaurant has created what Miss Manners believes is legally known as an attractive nuisance and, not having cleared the unused place setting, could not expect you to resist the puppet's begging to be used.

However, if the puppet starts eating from people's plates, she will have considered that you went too far.

Dear Miss Manners:

Is it proper for a young lady to brush her teeth in the presence of a young man?

Only if an improper act preceded it.

Feeling incorrect? E-mail your etiquette questions to Miss Manners (who is distraught that she cannot answer them personally) at; enter them at http://www.missmanners.comor mail them to United Media, 200 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y. 10016.

2010 Judith Martin

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