Educational iPad and iPhone apps for students

Students from the Potomac School in McLean, Va., took photos of the Earth's curvature with help from an iPad.
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Using the iPad to track the weather balloon convinced Bill Wiley that the tablet computer is a breakthrough educational tool. "You can be sitting in a cornfield looking things up, or in the middle of the woods logging data," he said.

"It's a game-changer," said Jonathan Hoffman, president of School Zone, which has added 13 iPad apps to its line of workbooks and flashcards. "Now you've added sound, motion and touch to enhance learning."

Here are some fun, useful and educational apps that are great for the iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch).

1. Tales2Go, free for 30 days, then $24.99 for a year. Get unlimited access to more than a thousand audio books and stories for kids of all ages.

2. Star Walk, $4.99. A portable planetarium. Hold the iPad up to the sky, and it shows you the stars in that direction as if you were looking through a telescope. You can get information on constellations, celestial bodies and how the sky changes over time.

3. PopMath, 99 cents. Get your math facts down with this addictive app that makes math a game.

4. Wurdle, $1.99. A fun word game that's like Boggle.

5. Magic Piano, 99 cents. Play and learn classic piano pieces on a regular keyboard, or you can make the keys display in a spiral or circle pattern.

6. Musée du Louvre, 99 cents. Take a virtual tour of one of the greatest museums on Earth, the Louvre in Paris.

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