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Ballmer says Microsoft intends to become industry leader in cloud computing

Number one is clear: We would like to see better global enforcement of intellectual property laws. If we are going to do our fair share and the industry is going to do its fair share for the president's desire to double exports, that will involve the federal government. That is particularly true in China.

You said several slates and smartphones are coming out in the next few months. How did you fall behind, and how will you catch up?

We have a form factor, where we need to push with our hardware partners and silicon partners: the slate platform. Windows runs Windows apps. The key is that we actually have software technology now to drive the integration of software, hardware and silicon.

In the case of phones . . . we missed. We just didn't execute well. Now we are jamming hard. We'll sell millions of units this year, but we're not where we want to be. But with Windows Phone 7, we are back in it. And those devices will ship within the next months.

How do you make Microsoft, now 35 years old, more entrepreneurial?

You want a company that's driven, doing good work. You want a company that is perfect -- but hardly any company will be. You want a company that is not only trying to be perfect but is resilient when it makes mistakes. That is important. Hopefully you are right every time, but if you aren't, do you have a toughness and ability to stick to things?

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