Vincent Gray and Adrian Fenty's election-year travails

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I am dismayed at how little has been said about the traffic offense that led to mayoral candidate Vincent C. Gray's unpaid ticket ["Gray clearing up 2002 traffic ticket," Metro, July 8].

As a daily Beltway commuter, nothing makes my blood boil more than people who drive on the shoulder to get around congestion, as The Post reported Mr. Gray (D) did on his way to a Washington Redskins game.

Mr. Gray opened a window into his personality better than any interview or speech could have done. Obviously, Mr. Gray thinks the rules don't apply to him. Even if it was legal, which it isn't, driving around folks who are patiently waiting their turn is the epitome of arrogance.

I'm sure many D.C. voters don't drive the Beltway every day, much less drive at all, and probably won't consider what he did to be any big deal.

Too bad. Imagine what Mr. Gray would be like if elected mayor.

Paul Thieberger, Lorton


Colbert I. King's July 10 op-ed column, "Fenty's ploy: No me, no Rhee," revealed the state of affairs in Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's campaign -- frustration, desperation and panic. It seems Mr. Fenty (D) is mining the Michelle Rhee factor to secure reelection at all cost. In this context, the mayor is taking the position that his rejection at the polls is tantamount to throwing out the baby with the bath water.

To capitalize on the current dysfunctional education system in the District, Mr. Fenty's friends in the business community (especially those educational funds donors) are threatening the voters indirectly by threatening to withdraw their funds if Ms. Rhee departs from the D.C. school system. This is part of Mr. Fenty's game plan to influence the outcome of the Sept. 14 Democratic primary elections. I believe that D.C. voters are politically savvy and well informed -- they can see through and beyond Mr. Fenty's ploy.

Joel Ademisoye, Washington

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