Palin's ad isn't feminism for all women

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kathleen Parker watched Sarah Palin's new commercial and saw a celebration of womanhood ["Mama grizzly hones the message machine," op-ed, July 14.] Ms. Parker relishes the "aggressively feminine," looking pretty in pink, and bonding between mothers, other women and children.

In watching Ms. Palin hugging her supporters and handing out flowers, I saw something else. I noticed only one slightly off-white face among the many people she was reaching out to. And Ms. Palin pointedly says that conservative women are "mama grizzlies," more formidable than "pit bulls."

Of the deeply feminine women I know, none of them exclude people of color from her personal embrace. And a claim to be nastier than a pit bull degrades, rather than elevates, the relational power women bring to politics.

Kathryn Ruud, Middletown, Md.

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