Riders are down on Metro's escalator repair problems

By Robert Thomson
Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two writers pose frequently asked questions about Metro's escalators.

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

Monday evening around 5:30, when I attempted to descend into the Dupont Circle Metro station via Q Street NW, one up escalator was working but both down escalators were not, and I wasn't about to take the hot elevator, which takes several minutes, not to mention the wait. (I carry a rolling bag, am no spring chicken and cannot walk down.)

So I walked to the south entrance, where the down escalator was working but the up one wasn't. That was my good luck, though it was annoying to have to walk the few blocks between entrances. But there were several people attempting to walk up who were having difficulty, stopping for long periods and looking pained. At least two were older and limping. The crowds behind them were very patient.

Something has to be done!

-- Alice Markham,


Dear Dr. Gridlock:

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