Two people arrested in slaying of Fairfax man in California

Jinghong Kang with his wife, Wendy Wang.
Jinghong Kang with his wife, Wendy Wang. "No matter what, he will not be back," she says. (Family Photo)
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By Tom Jackman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A man and woman have been arrested in Oakland, Calif., in the slaying of a Fairfax County man who had flown to California for a job interview, Oakland police said Tuesday.

Jinghong Kang, 45, a computer engineer and married father of three who lived in the Fair Oaks area, had arrived in the Bay Area on July 18 for an interview the next day with Google. He had arranged for a dental appointment that night with a dentist he knew through church, his wife said.

While he sat in the car after the appointment, Oakland police said, he was robbed and shot to death by a man and a woman about 11:30 p.m.

Police obtained surveillance video from a nearby building and distributed it to the media. Officer Jeff Thomason, an Oakland police spokesman, said people who saw the video on TV recognized Althea Housley, 33, of Oakland. She was arrested Saturday.

Housley "admitted to taking part in the robbery-homicide," Thomason said. She was charged with armed robbery and murder.

Police then began looking for Housley's boyfriend, George Huggins, 24, of Oakland. Someone spotted him Monday, called police and held him down until officers arrived, Thomason said. He was being held Tuesday on suspicion of homicide and robbery. Police in California have 48 hours to obtain charges, and Huggins had not been formally charged as of Tuesday.

Oakland Homicide Sgt. Mike Gantt, the lead investigator in the case, said Housley told him that Kang and the dentist who accompanied him to his rental car were robbed because they didn't seem to be paying attention and because Huggins needed money. Gantt said Huggins appeared to be homeless, living out of his car and involved in drugs. He said a small amount of the drug ecstasy was found on Huggins.

The dentist who witnessed the homicide was not harmed. She told police that she heard Kang tell the robbers he only had $17. Housley told police that she and Huggins took $10 from Kang, Gantt said. He said Kang had no money on him when he was found.

Housley and Huggins are also going to be charged in a similar robbery and shooting last month of a man sitting in a parked car in the same neighborhood, a downtown business district that is mostly empty late at night, Gantt said. The victim's car keys were taken and he was shot, Thomason said.

Gantt said Huggins was cooperative "until he was confronted with the things his co-conspirator said." He then asked for a lawyer, Gantt said.

After learning of the arrests, Kang's wife, Wendy Wang said, "I feel relieved, to some extent." She added, "I feel happy for Jinghong. But no matter what, he will not be back."

Kang and Wang, both natives of Beijing, had been married for 19 years and have three sons, 10, 12 and 17. Kang worked as a network engineer for ITT.

Kang's family members are devout Christians and members of the Church in Dunn Loring. A fellow congregant said Tuesday that Kang's "legacy, particularly the numerous people who became Christians through Jinghong, will forever remain."

If he were able to speak to his assailants, Kang's wife said, "Jinghong would like them to repent. That's definitely what he would want."

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