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Nuptials: Maggie Fox-Kirsch and Philip Wilkerson III

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Maggie Fox-Kirsch is a children's mental health therapist. Philip Wilkerson III is a graduate student. They're 25 and live in Alexandria.

Wedding date: July 3.

Locations: Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Alexandria and Fort Belvoir Officers' Club.

Guests: 190.

How they met: Phil and Maggie went to rival Alexandria high schools but met one day at the public library. Maggie thought Phil was weird at first, so they didn't become friends until summer 2003, after high school graduation. A mutual friend asked what Maggie thought of Phil, and when Phil started talking to her to protect his reputation, they wound up talking every day.

The proposal: Phil wanted to include their dog in the proposal, so he dressed it in a Santa outfit and attached the ring with a pipe cleaner. He then drove to Maggie's. As Phil was bringing the dog into the house, he activated a musical device on the Santa costume and the dog panicked, running around the house with the ring. Phil and Maggie were afraid the dog would run outside, but they caught him and got the ring. Phil then breathlessly asked Maggie to be his wife.

The wedding: They got married on Phil's parents' 28th anniversary in the Catholic church that both of them grew up attending. They incorporated African American and Jewish traditions.

Honeymoon: Cabo San Lucas.

-- Kathleen Hom

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