Date Lab: A goodnight kiss means he likes you, right?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

7:30 p.m., Bibiana Osteria-Enoteca, Downtown

Franco: I was looking forward to [the date]. I was there first, [so] I said, "I'll be at the bar."

Emily: I've done online dating, but this scenario was much different, so it was definitely a little bit more exciting. [I] showed up at around 7:30.

Franco: She's not typically the type of girl I'd go out with from a physical standpoint. I'm typically more attracted to dark-haired [women] , like when you think of Latin or Italian-looking. [But] she's cute, and she definitely had a confidence about her, which was sexy.

Emily: I'm 4-foot-11, and he's not short, but I saw that he's a good height for me. I typically do go for the Italian-type look, so I was giggling to myself like, Okay, looks like they did a good job.

Franco: You could definitely tell she was excited [and] a little nervous, too. She was like, "Let me get a drink, because I'm nervous." That gave it away a little bit. They put us at a nice table, and we sat down.

Emily: Right away, it was really easygoing. We were looking at the [Date Lab photo] rules and joking around like, "Wouldn't it be funny if we took some really risque pictures?"

Franco: We ordered a bottle of wine, and then we ended up sharing an appetizer, and then we ordered the meal. She's cool, because she kind of says what's on her mind, and I do, too. I usually like to have fun during a conversation [and] not be too serious. So there was a lot of joking around and telling stories.

Emily: Honestly, it was a lot of first-date talk. You cover the family thing, the hobby thing, what do you do for a living. We definitely have a lot in common. Halfway through dinner we pretty much decided that we were going to go somewhere afterward. We were joking around about the photos. There was one point where I stood up and went around [the table] and sat down on his lap and took a photo.

Franco: It was fun, but I definitely wasn't expecting that. I don't know if there was romantic [chemistry]. We were having a good time.

Emily: We were not really fretting over "are we a match?" [But] there was definitely that initial chemistry. We were giving each other the eye contact, like the kind-of-flirtatious looks, and suggesting that we'd like to see each other again.

Franco: I've always tried to figure out whether two people who are both loud is a good thing, or should there be some balance? She's definitely outgoing. She has a cool personality, and I think I could get along with her, but I wasn't as attracted to her as I was to other girls I've dated in the past.

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