Former D.C. student gives poor grades to some teachers

Saturday, July 31, 2010

If the "highly effective" teacher who is on the board of the completely objective teachers union is qualified to comment on the teacher firings by D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and on the school system's teacher-evaluation program [letters, July 28], then so, too, am I.

I was a student in D.C. Public Schools for my entire primary and secondary educational career, so I have seen the range of educators available to the system. I had numerous great teachers, and they came in all ages, shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, I also had too many teachers who approached their job and their students as if we were some great burden on their day, just an inconvenience to be tolerated.

Anything learned in their classes was the sole province of the student, be it simply reading the textbook or otherwise. Class with these teachers generally consisted of busywork, just something to keep students occupied with minimal effort from the teacher.

If there was some teacher-evaluation system that was strong enough to remove ineffective educators despite the iron fist of the union, I never saw it.

Aaron Willis, Washington

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