I-Doser's top-selling sounds and what they promise

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I-Doser's five best-selling sounds and what they promise:

Orgasm: "A world of pleasures

and vibrations envelope your entire body and soul."

Peyote: "Causes a mystical loss of oneself, disorientation of the senses, distortions in body image, distortions in perception."

Marijuana: "All the effects of that sticky-icky leaf, without the smoke!"

Ecstasy: "This is not for cuddle. This was designed to make you explode

in pure ecstasy, tingle your body,

and melt your soul."

Trip: "Feeling of awakening for the first time ever from a previous state of sleep, of liberation from what

is now seen as a life-long state

of bondage."

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