Popsicle molds and makers

Tuesday, August 3, 2010; 5:03 PM

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker ($50, www.zokuhome.com and Williams-Sonoma stores) operates on the same principle as most ice cream makers: You freeze the base in advance (or store it in your freezer), and after you take it out, the device stays cold enough to make the pops in a flash.

If the machine is properly chilled (for at least 24 hours at zero degrees), the popsicle liquid solidifies in several minutes, so quickly that you can watch it happen.

The pop sticks are etched with grooves that help the liquid adhere to them, and a special tool helps you easily loosen and remove them.

Half-cup Ice Pop Maker molds we purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond (Progressive; $2.99) have plastic handles/sticks, and they proved tricky when we tried to dislodge Pudding Pops.

A set of Frozen Pop Rocket Molds from Sur La Table ($12) worked well, with or without the sticks inserted.

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