A sense of direction: Michael Kaiser's advice during his 'Arts in Crisis' tour

Thursday, August 5, 2010; C01

In his book "The Art of the Turnaround," and on his 50-state "Arts in Crisis" tour, Michael M. Kaiser espouses some guidelines for economic recovery and stability in the arts. Among them:

-- Do not reduce programming. Trim behind the scenes on discretionary items, such as staff travel.

-- Plan ahead for four or five years, and then let the public know what's on the drawing board so it will be clear that the organization plans to be around.

-- Planning should be done by both large and small groups.

-- Develop collaborations with local artistic groups, museums and schools.

-- Find and train entrepreneurial managers.

-- Develop new streams of revenue.

-- Make the board members ambassadors for the work being presented, as well as fundraisers.

-- Jacqueline Trescott

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