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Lower the voting age to 10

A collection of some of the best editorial cartoons on hot topics in the news.

Isn't a children's movement that sounds like this overdue? Still, I know what you're thinking. This is a joke, right? Miller can't seriously be proposing we give fifth-graders an equal say with mature, responsible adults.

Let that objection linger in view of the questions above and decide for yourself if the grown-ups really occupy the high ground here. We're in a topsy-turvy world best captured by my favorite political cartoon from the debt-soaked 1980s:

"Your generation will just have to spend a third of your income to support my generation when you grow up," says a stern father.

"Why us?" his scared daughter asks.

"Because of your failure as children to teach your parents to be responsible."

"I'm sorry, Daddy!"

"So am I."

The fascinating thing would be to get a movement going in six or seven states to enact this lower voting age. The crusade would provide the news hook the media needs to focus on long-term challenges that are routinely ignored amid the breathless daily panting over trivia.

I'm not saying "10" is the only answer. I want creative litigation brought on behalf of minor future taxpayers, suing states and public-sector unions that have recklessly saddled kids with zillions in unfunded pensions. Or anti-debt street protests by 10th-graders eager to redefine community service for their college résumés.

It would be nice if the kids didn't have to take up this burden, but we are where we are. To those who say this is all unseemly if not insane, I have four words: Got a better idea?

Matt Miller, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and co-host of public radio's "Left, Right & Center," writes a weekly column for The Post. He can be reached at

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