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An item may have created a misimpression regarding Pete Rose's ban from Major League Baseball and whether Rose could enter the Baseball Hall of Fame once he is dead. The item quoted filmmaker Ken Burns as saying that Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, but only after Rose dies. It then said that Rose was "banned for life from baseball" in 1989 because of involvement with gambling. That could be read as implying that Rose could be inducted once deceased. But that description and the term "lifetime ban," while frequently used in stories about Rose, are not accurate. In fact, Rose was placed on Major League Baseball's "permanently ineligible" list. That permanent ban, unless lifted, will continue after Rose's death. And the Hall of Fame, a separate entity, has decreed that anyone on Major League Baseball's permanently ineligible list cannot enter the Hall of Fame.
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Michaele Salahi claims she was verbally attacked and abused by Whoopi Goldberg

A spokesman says White House gatecrasher Michaele Salahi's visit to the ABC daytime talk show "The View" ended in a backstage shouting match with co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

Lynda says that she was sitting at a table (Friday at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel, where Summer TV Press Tour 2010 is happening) and that Tareq was being "verbally abusive to two women sitting at our table" and "I just basically said, 'Can you keep it down?' " -- after which, she says, Tareq "threw a glass of red wine on me."

Michaele says Lynda then threw a glass of Scotch back, "so there was wine, scotch."

Sherri asks, "Who threw the wine first?" Sherri is clearly having trouble keeping up.

"It was the anorexic -- beauty comes in all sizes," Michaele says. Seriously -- we don't make this stuff up.

"What does that have to do with him abusing women," Lynda snaps.

"Because you've been abusing me. You're a woman," Michaele shouts.

"That gives him the right to abuse other women?!" Lynda asks, rhetorically.

At this point, Whoopi, who had not been part of the Ugly Sofa Gaggle, walks out onstage, touches Michaele on the small of her back and her arm to get her attention and says: "Excuse me, can you get back to the White House, please?" The camera cuts over to show Whoopi turning and walking offstage.

"I want to go forward," Sherri says, a little flustered.

"Yeah, I felt someone touch me," Michaele says.

At some point after "The View" appearance, someone threw this statement in Whoopi's face via Michaele's Facebook page:

"Salahis will address on Thursday Morning LIVE on National TV the outrageous abuse and exchange that took place on the ABC Show the View and a audio & video file from Whoopi Goldberg verbal attack to Michaele. Standby for details."

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