TV highlights: Friday, Aug. 6, 2010

LIFE'S A PEACH: Flori Waters, left, Monte Durham, Lori Allen and Robin Gibbs deal with brides on "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta."
LIFE'S A PEACH: Flori Waters, left, Monte Durham, Lori Allen and Robin Gibbs deal with brides on "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta." (Walling Mcgarity/tlc)
Friday, August 6, 2010


"Phineas and Ferb" (Disney at 8) try to travel around the world in a special one-hour episode, but when they're about to give up, guest stars Clay Aiken and Chaka Khan emerge to perform an inspirational duet.

A Tennessee mom who makes her kids abide by a strict fitness regimen to become future gymnastic champions trades places with a fun-loving Michigan mom who favors non-competitive sports for her sons on "Wife Swap" (ABC at 8).

"Aretha Franklin Presents: Soul Rewind" (WMPT at 8, WETA at 9) revisits the 1960s and 1970s for soul and R&B tunes; in addition to Franklin, Ray Charles, Otis Redding and Al Green performances are shown.

The crew on "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta" (TLC at 9 and 9:30) deals with some brides who think they're cursed; on the second episode, it's all about mothers vs. brides, as one mom hates her daughter's conservative taste in clothes and another refuses to indulge in her daughter's expensive couture preferences.

Mysterious objects threaten to erase the whole town on "Eureka" (Syfy at 9), so Carter must call on Claudia Donovan of Warehouse 13 for assistance.

The Sea Shepherds are in for a bad day on "Whale Wars" (Animal Planet at 9) when their ship and a Japanese vessel collide.

Although it's not a weight-loss reality show with wacky challenges and team-building gimmicks, "How I Lost 100 Lbs" (TLC at 10) documents the journey of five people as they work to shed weight.

Known for playing cool mom Kirsten Cohen on "The O.C.," Kelly Rowan switches gears on "Flashpoint" (CBS at 10) when she guest-stars as a crazed kidnapper who steals two young girls, leaving the SRU team frantically trying to figure out the connection between her victims.

Cameras follow Jeremy to the Congo River on "River Monsters: Unhooked" (Animal Planet at 10), as the river allegedly houses a spirit that tries to lure fisherman into the water.

"20/20" (ABC at 10) looks at the "before and after" of everyday people whose lives unexpectedly turn upside down, including a man who dropped 400 pounds to become a personal trainer, and a wife who stunned her family and friends when she left her husband for another woman.

"The Politics Program With Mark Plotkin" (NewsChannel 8 at 11) has Brian Murphy, a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Maryland, and Eleni Rossides, executive director of the Washington Tennis and Education Foundation.

Actress Emma Thompson stops by "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" (NBC at 11:35), along with some comics from Chelsea Handler's "Chelsea Lately."

"Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" (CBS at 12:35) features actor Mark Wahlberg and "Real World" member-turned-actress Jacinda Barrett.

-- Emily Yahr

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