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Visions of Faith: Religion through the lens of Post photographer Katherine Frey

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Punjabi Pictionary, turban tying and Sikh history Jeopardy! are all part of the program at Sikh Camp this summer. The eight-day religious camp encourages campers ages 6 to 19 to follow the Sikh way of life, a 500-year-old religious tradition that began in India.

Learning to play the tabla and harmonium, history lessons and martial arts instruction keep the campers busy each morning. During Gatka class, they are taught to use weapons as a last resort. The Indian martial art is viewed as a sport, ritual and a way of dealing with everyday issues and conflicts.

Prabnoor Singh, 7 1/2 of Germantown, left, and Yuvraj Singh, 6 1/2 , a Virginia resident, were armed with sotis, or sticks, for the lesson. They were being taught defensive moves by Sarabjeet Singh of Toronto. He emphasizes de-escalating situations by using words. "Combat is only one aspect of warriorship," he said. "Training is a path for personal development. Learn to be calm, stay focused and relax."

Pritpal Singh of New York said, "A Sikh cannot ever be angry." One must "only react with peace and love."

"Breathe, accept, react."

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