Chelsea Clinton's big-news nuptials

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I have one question concerning all the hoopla leading up to and around Chelsea Clinton's wedding, including the ceremony and the celebration afterward. How come I didn't see a single picture of the groom's side of the family in the print edition of The Post?

Tom Laufer, Columbia


The Post's front page on July 31 devoted most of the above-the- fold portion to Chelsea Clinton's wedding. The record death toll of Americans killed in Afghanistan in one month was relegated to the bottom of the page as a teaser to a story inside.

With all due respect to Ms. Clinton, I question The Post's judgment and priorities regarding what is newsworthy, and I expect far better from this newspaper.

Ben Nicholson, Gaithersburg

Who would have thought that the American media could get in such a fawning gush over a wedding between two investment bankers that might have cost $3 million or more (according to a wire service article on The Post's Web site), during one of the worst economic periods of recent memory in the United States?

Steve Metzbower,

Ellicott City

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