Database aims to help Hollywood green up

By Reuters
Thursday, August 12, 2010

LOS ANGELES -- The Producers Guild of America has unveiled a Web site called the Green Production Guide (, a database of environmentally friendly products and services from vendors across the nation.

The move on Wednesday is the latest push in Hollywood's efforts to clean up its "green" act, after being criticized for the industry's skyrocketing energy bills and for not throwing out movie sets when shooting wraps up.

The site is backed by funding from Walt Disney, Fox, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Bros., and it features more than 1,500 listings.

Marshall Herskovitz, PGA president emeritus, thanked the studios for their support for the initiative, saying that it has "the ability to affect tangible change and advance sustainable solutions."

The Web site allows users to select from a wide array of categories -- from food and beverages to wood and paint vendors -- and to narrow results by states and cities.

The site includes organizations that help producers donate set pieces to other productions, and has a "Best Practices" page, which suggests alternate ways of going about everyday production tasks, such as purchasing cruelty-free makeup, hair and personal care products.

Lipstick and mascara aside, the Green Production Guides also provides a downloadable "Carbon Calculator" that measures the carbon emissions generated by filming TV shows and movies and gives tip on how to reduce them.

The new Web site is part of another campaign launched by PGA last year, PGAGreen (, which seeks to provide the film and media industry with resources to become more environmentally conscious.

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