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Ron Holloway shares the stage with Tedeschi, Taj Mahal, Santana and many more

Holloway takes the stage with the Derek Trucks Band and Susan Tedeschi. He calls Tedeschi "a diligent student of American music."
Holloway takes the stage with the Derek Trucks Band and Susan Tedeschi. He calls Tedeschi "a diligent student of American music." (From Ron Holloway)

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Susan Tedeschi

"Susan is easily the loveliest boss I ever had, but she's much more than a pretty face. She's a diligent student of American music. I don't know how many times, while on tour, I'd open the back door of the tour bus and find her studying old blues recordings. Several blues pioneers proposed marriage to Susan. Among them was John Lee Hooker, who went so far as to offer her one of his houses."

Taj Mahal

"Though most folks think of Taj as a bluesman, we've often talked about our mutual admiration for Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Thelonious Monk and other jazz greats. At Rams Head Onstage a while back, we were playing a blues Taj had written, and during my solo I quoted 'Blue Monk.' It completely caught Taj by surprise. 'He quoted "Blue Monk" on my tune,' he told the crowd, grinning from ear to ear. It doesn't get any better than that."

Carlos Santana

"I first met Carlos four years ago in Lucca, Italy. Susan Tedeschi, who opened for Santana, introduced us. Carlos was very gracious and invited me into his dressing room before the show. We sat there talking and watching various video clips of Miles and John Coltrane for well over an hour. It's a great honor to share the stage with an artist who has attained such a level of inner peace and profound musical artistry."

Root Boy Slim

"Once at the Cellar Door, Root Boy Slim, clothed in a white bed sheet with a slit cut for his head, climbed on top of the Hammond B-3 organ. Not amused, the keyboard player began slowly tilting the organ. In a valiant effort to land on his feet, Slim jumped up and away from the Hammond. Unfortunately, he wasn't sporting underwear at the time. Billowing with air, the bed sheet wrapped itself around Slim's neck, leaving everything below exposed -- everything!"

Gregg Allman

"When I toured with the Allman Brothers Band in the summer of 2005, I found it hard to wind down after concerts. I'd be sitting in the front of the tour bus for hours. Gregg would wake up in the middle of the night to use the lavatory and find me sitting there, wide awake. Someone later told me that he wondered if I was claustrophobic or had trouble sleeping in the bunk."

-- Mike Joyce

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