Letters: More confessions from gate crashers

Friday, August 13, 2010; 12:11 PM

Thanks so much for your very honest article about late airport arrivals ["Time flies when you're trying to get to the airport none too early," Aug. 8]. I, too, am afflicted and cannot learn my lesson. Thought I had when a late house departure meant a seven-minute drive from my home in Arlington to DCA. (I will not admit to my traffic speed on 395.) Was sure I learned it after being scolded by SuperShuttle - twice - about my requested pickup times. It's kind of negative reinforcement; as long as I don't get caught, I keep thinking I can get away with it.

Must be rebellion. My mother has been known to leave her house four hours before a scheduled flight. And she packs a week ahead of time. Clearly, I am not her spawn.

Theresa Flynn


I am one of those people who gets to the airport a couple of hours early. I take advantage of the wait to read a book or magazine.

There is one time when I cut it a bit close. I was in Dallas and had a giant stuffed raccoon I had won at a theme park that I had to mail to my nephew. The friend driving me was going to stop at the airport post office on the way to the terminal. We ended up circling almost the entire airport to get to the post office. There was only one person in line ahead of me. Who was mailing a package to some obscure overseas destination with customs and insurance forms to deal with. When my turn finally arrived, they almost didn't allow me to mail my package because it was too large, but they found some class of mail that would allow it.

It was still a long drive to the terminal. When my friend got to the curb, I did my O.J./Hertz Rental Car imitation to get to my gate. Fortunately, this was pre-9/11, so security was quick and I could check my suitcase at the gate. I was the next-to-last passenger to board, and was scolded by the gate agent.

I was amazed that my suitcase made it into the cargo hold before we took off.

John Z. Wetmore


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