No Lady Gaga at this non-event

Lady Gaga has made a pop culture splash with her extravagant stage costumes and outlandish street clothes. But a wardrobe of oddball outfits isn't enough to turn a performer into an icon.
By Al Kamen
Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So maybe Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), 62, can't be as hip as Senate colleague and Lady Gaga fan Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), 86. Doesn't mean he can't raise money, too.

Two days after we got an invite to Lautenberg's excellent fundraiser in a luxury suite at a Lady Gaga concert Sept. 7, Conrad's team sent an e-mail invite to donors promising no entertainment at all -- just send a check.

It's "Sen. Conrad's Biggest Non-Event of the Year!" the invitation says. "You are invited not to attend a special reception for Friends of Kent Conrad." The invite -- we're told it was Conrad's idea -- highlights the people "Already Committed Not to Attend: Sandra Bullock, Michael Jackson, George Clooney," and those who were "Not Invited to Attend: Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Simon Cowell." So no crowds to worry about -- no one at all, in fact -- and no cheap booze.

The fundraiser will be "anytime after Aug. 15, 2010, but before Sept. 10, 2010," and will be held "wherever you want" and at whatever time you want. The "suggested contribution levels" for this non-happening are $2,500 for a PAC and $1,000 for individuals.

And here are the key benefits, according to the invite, of the non-event event:

With the time you would otherwise spend with the Friends of Kent Conrad, you could:

-- Update your Facebook page.

-- Floss.

-- Do absolutely nothing.

-- Spend time with your family.

-- Recite words that rhyme with orange.

-- Sleep.

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