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A Blagojevich retrial? Don't expect smiles from White House

Ex.-Ill. Gov. Blagojevich says he and his family are victims of federal government persecution. But he says the government was unable to prove he did anything wrong. (Aug. 17)

Senator Blagojevich? "I believe in great comebacks," he said on Fox News some months back. "Yes, I'm not ruling myself out as someone who is going to come back and be the guy I was before."

Where in the world is Obama?

Quick: Where is the president right now?

If it's Wednesday morning and you said Columbus, Ohio -- you're right! But hold on. If you're reading this Wednesday afternoon, he's likely moved on to Florida.

That is, if he's not back in Washington by now. Or maybe he's already on his way to Martha's Vineyard, Mass., where -- with any luck -- he'll stay put for about 10 days.

Get used to this. Obama is entering the heavy travel season for a president. Instead of spending a lot of time in the Rose Garden celebrating legislative victories, expect him to be on the campaign trail.

Does he enjoy it? Reporters asked deputy press secretary Bill Burton that question aboard Air Force One on Tuesday.

"He enjoys making the case," Burton said. "He obviously would enjoy it more if he could spend more time with his family. But I think that, as one of the hats that he wears as the leader of the Democratic Party, as president of the United States, he does like going out and talking to the American people, hearing what's on their minds and explaining how he sees the choice in this election."

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