Thursday, August 19, 2010

-- A Page One item referring to an Aug. 16 Sports article about the final round of the PGA Championship incorrectly said that Dustin Johnson was disqualified from the golf tournament. He was penalized two strokes for grounding his club in a bunker, which kept him out of a playoff to win the tournament.

-- An Aug. 16 Sports article about the Washington Nationals' 5-3 victory the previous day over the Arizona Diamondbacks incorrectly said that Washington's Ryan Zimmerman hit a home run in the ninth inning. He hit the home run in the eighth inning.

-- The Thomas Boswell column in the Aug. 16 Sports section, about the Washington Nationals' relationship with Scott Boras, the agent for catcher Bryce Harper, incorrectly said that another Boras client, pitcher Edwin Jackson, was traded to the Chicago White Sox from the Colorado Rockies this season. Jackson was traded to the White Sox from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

-- The Conversations feature in the Aug. 13 Metro section, about bicycle lanes for cyclists, should have credited the report of the news to Luke Rosiak, not to Robert Thomson's Dr. Gridlock blog.

-- An article in the Aug. 8 Magazine about single-sex education incorrectly said the Arlington-based chain that contractually manages Imagine Southeast Public School in the District is a nonprofit. Imagine Southeast is a nonprofit, but Imagine Schools is a for-profit chain that has applied with the Internal Revenue Service for nonprofit status but has not yet been granted it.

-- An Aug. 1 Outlook review of William Dalrymple's book "Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India" misstated the time period used by bard and village shaman Mohan Bhopa to perform the ancient poem "The Epic of Pabuji." It is performed dusk to dawn over five nights, not dawn to dusk.

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