How to submit your highlights to AllMetSportscast staff
Tuesday, August 24, 2010; 2:16 PM

If you've got a can't-miss football game highlight that we should put on AllMetSportscast, send it to us by following this link.

Please note:

Highlights should be no longer than two minutes in length. Acceptable formats are .mov, .avi, and .m4v. Please send the video in its highest quality.

Do not include music or any graphical support in your highlights. It is okay to spot-shadow your specific athlete.

When submitting your video, please put the name of the athlete and the game in the "Subject" box. In the "Enter Message" box, please add the following information:

Name of Athlete:



Grade level:

Date of play and opponent:

Your name and phone number:

Description of the play and why it's important:

**NOTE: Text box allows only 120 words.**

Questions? Send an email to AllMetSportscast host/producer, B.J. Koubaroulis at

And don't forget you can also post your videos that are already on YouTube to your school, player and game pages. Here are instructions.


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