Who'll pay for Ken Cuccinelli's climate-study probe?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

After reading about the estimated $30 million that the U.S. attorney's office spent on the Rod Blagojevich trial ["A Blagojevich defense, funded by taxpayers like you?," front page, Aug. 21], I'd like an investigation into how many taxpayer dollars Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II is spending on "a team of lawyers" to investigate a University of Virginia professor's climate change research paper ["Judge to rule on Cuccinelli probe of climate study," Metro, Aug. 21].

It's absurd that in a time of enormous budget challenges, Mr. Cuccinelli has nothing better to do than spend millions of taxpayer dollars investigating the scientific findings of our state's premier academic institution. Not to mention the millions of tax dollars the University of Virginia will probably spend defending itself in this monkey trial.

If Mr. Cuccinelli has run out of actual criminals to prosecute, it's time to look at his office for spending cuts.

Umang Varma, Falls Church

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