Carolyn Hax: Reader advice on weight, texting while driving and true 'like'

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By Carolyn Hax
Friday, September 3, 2010

While I'm away, readers give the advice.

On being dismayed at a mate's weight gain:

I've always believed that every woman is beautiful. Every woman. If I don't see the beauty in one, that's MY problem, not hers. It's up to me to work harder to see the beauty, not up to her to make herself live up to whatever my standards might be.


On texting while driving:

GAAAA! Why can't they invent a thingy on cars that prevents texting while the motor is on?????? I have a growing and obsessive fear that one of these morons is going to kill somebody in my family.


Not that these morons will recognize themselves and/or renounce their self-obsessed ways, but maybe this will slap just one in the forehead hard enough to hurt.

On "like" as a foundation for "love":

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