Editor's Query: Tell us about a time when ... a storm resulted in something surprising.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In spring 1983, we had just moved to a new home with days of painting, unpacking and arranging. Since it was Sunday, my wife, Pat, and I agreed to take the day off to get outside for some fresh air. However, as we were preparing to leave, a nasty storm blew in. Now what?

While working so hard, there had not been much time for romance, and that is what I suggested. My wife took my hand, and her beautiful brown eyes smiled as she said she had been thinking the same thing. But, she added gently, she could not feel really romantic while the basement was still cluttered with unopened boxes.

We had no sooner gone down to the basement to start work again when there was a flash of light and a tremendous clap of thunder. The house had been hit by lightning! We rushed upstairs to find that the lightning bolt had jumped in from a tree and across our bedroom, showering the bed with a fine coating of plaster dust.

"Wow, we sure made the right choice, didn't we?" my wife said with obvious relief.

I couldn't resist: "Don't know, might have been really interesting."

Harvey Branch, Edgewater


Tell us about a time when a show-and-tell didn't go exactly as planned.

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