Must-have mobile apps for job seekers

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What are the must-have mobile apps for job seekers? Consider these, in addition to LinkedIn, Twitter and Craigslist:

-- iJob delivers "millions of jobs to your iPhone" and allows keyword searches.

-- BeamMe is a free universal business card exchange on your BlackBerry or iPhone.

-- LinkUp allows you to search company Web sites for jobs by keyword, location and category and apply from your iPhone.

-- Real-Time Jobs analyzes, indexes and makes searchable Twitter status updates so you can identify job openings.

-- lets you take the job search engine with you, including recent searches and jobs added since your last search.

-- TwitterFon keeps up to date with Twitter so you can send or reply to tweets.

-- Hire*A*Droid, a job-search app for Android users, supports LinkUp, Indeed and SimplyHired, allowing users to find job listings fast.

-- reviews iPhone apps in business, productivity and many other subjects.

-- offers Web sites, apps and tips for productivity.

-- CNET has a mobile download section with reviews, lists and news at

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