Carolyn Hax: A great divide over housework (continued)

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By Carolyn Hax
Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adapted from a recent online discussion, continued from yesterday: the husband who allegedly doesn't contribute enough at home.

Dear Carolyn:

I probably should have included this [yesterday]: My husband was pretty socially awkward when we first met. I don't want to say I did him a favor by marrying him, but that's not far from the truth. I'm much better-looking than he is, I'm much smarter and I have a much better personality. We have an unbalanced marriage, and I expect him to compensate for that in some way. So even if he is doing slightly more work than I am, I don't think that even comes close to what he really owes this marriage.


You officially can't be real.


I'm not sure why you think this isn't real. My husband is upset about the whole thing and maybe my take on things is skewed. It's hard to think my view is really so off when I get validation from just about everyone I talk with and even my husband would agree our marriage is "unbalanced." He just doesn't agree there needs to be a remedy.

Va. again

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