Three cheers for CW's 'Hellcats'? Ratings say: Try 3 million of 'em.

CW's "Hellcats" follows Marti Perkins, an ambitious college freshman whose plans of law school seem like a distant dream once her academic scholarship is canceled. Perkins's only hope for staying in school is to win a spot on the university's cheerleading squad, which comes with a scholarship. The series airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.
By Lisa de Moraes
Friday, September 10, 2010

OMG! Three million people watched the debut of CW's "Hellcats" -- the first new-series premiere of the broadcast network's 2010-11 TV season -- because the power of Disney Channel princesses Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka, and the whole cheerleader thing, is totally stronger than TV critics who hate the show!

That's nearly twice as many people as watched the premiere of FX's new guydrama "Terriers" the same night. We thought "Terriers" would be about cute dogs -- we totes love cute dogs -- but it turned out to be just some show about a couple of skeevy San Diego private eyes and does not even star anyone from Disney Channel, but TV critics loved it anyway. What's up with that?

"Hellcats" scored hotter ratings at 9 than CW's "America's Next Top Model" at 8, which, like, so never happens!

Aly said they "had a killer time shooting the show," and she made good on her promise to advertisers that "we will not let you down -- we love you!"

Ashley is so deep, no?

"Hellcats" attracted 329 percent more teen chicks than the premiere of ooh-it's-Ashton-Kutcher's "The Beautiful Life" in the exact same time slot last year! We're so over him.

CW says it's going to rerun the "Hellcats" episode Friday while all of the other networks are standing up to cancer. No way! Way!

He said, he said

Ryan Seacrest thought he was going to score Larry King's CNN gig because Larry said he should get it and he'd filled in for Larry. Well, on Thursday morning, the Emotional Scab Picker hosted Piers Morgan (a.k.a. The Guy Who Got Larry's Show) on his nationally syndicated radio show, "I'm Ryan Seacrest and You're Not," so he could pretend to be the humble runner-up the best way he knew how -- by making it All About Seabiscuit.

"Lots to congratulate you on. First of all, 'America's Got Talent,' due to the promotion I've given it, is number one," Seabiscuit told Morgan by way of kicking things off.

"I know how long and painful yesterday must have been for you," Morgan responded acidly, adding, "Don't get me wrong, Ryan, you've had a good couple of years. . . . You've had a good run. Yesterday was a bad day for Seacrest."

"I think you have big shoes to fill," Seabiscuit jabbed ominously, trying to recover control of the interview.

"What did [Larry King] say when you met him yesterday for the first time?" Seabiscuit faux-wondered.

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