Nuptials: Emily Anthony & Darren Flusche

Sunday, September 19, 2010; E14

Emily Anthony is a research scientist at the Department of Education. Darren Flusche is a policy analyst for a bicycling advocacy group. They are 31 and live in the District.

Wedding Date: Aug. 14.

Location: Raspberry Plain, Leesburg.

Guests: 150.

How they met: While graduate students at New York University, Darren and Emily found themselves sitting across the room from each other in their Regression Analysis class. After getting to know each other during the school year, their crushes turned into a relationship after a long talk at a Super Tuesday viewing party in 2008.

The proposal: The couple relocated to the District after graduation, and in December Darren started trying to plan a special night to propose. Emily, unaware of Darren's intentions, shot down all of his dinner suggestions. So he changed tactics and persuaded Emily to go on a walk with him to the nearby National Zoo, where he asked her to marry him in front of the Great Ape House.

The wedding: The couple wanted their ceremony to be intimate and personal, so they included plenty of loved ones in honored roles: Darren's father wrote and officiated the marriage ceremony, five children were involved in the processional, and the bride and groom were joined by a bridal party totaling 20.

The honeymoon: Emily and Darren spent two weeks unwinding in Aruba, where they took windsurfing lessons, sailed, snorkeled and hiked.

-- Michelle Thomas

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