Video earns Pallotti football players a forfeit

By Josh Barr
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, September 17, 2010; 1:36 PM

Pallotti forfeited its football game Thursday against Western Tech of Baltimore after several players made a rap video in the school locker room after practice Tuesday and posted it on YouTube before officials at the Laurel private school determined it to be inappropriate and had it removed.

"I thought it was demeaning to women a little bit and had some inappropriate language in it," Pallotti Principal Steve Edmonds said. "It was a teenage indiscretion. We wanted to make sure we got the team's attention and got them back on track."

Pallotti Coach Pat Courtemanche said he was particularly disappointed because he had just talked to the team "about policing yourself and being leaders on and off the field. That very same night, the video was made and put on YouTube. It's frustrating, but at the very same time you have to remember they are teenagers and make mistakes."

Edmonds plans to meet with the players on Friday afternoon "to make sure they understand what our expectations are." He said no players were suspended and that the season will resume next week; he does not expect to mete out any other punishments. Courtemanche said he planned to have the team perform community service "and try to get on the good side of things."

"This is a good chance for everybody to learn a lesson and that's what we're going to be using it as, a teachable moment," Edmonds said.

With the forfeit, Pallotti is now 1-3.

Staff writer Paul Tenorio contributed to this report.

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