Bristol Palin, Jennifer Grey, more -- Sarah Kaufman on the 'Dancing With the Stars' premiere

Sarah Kaufman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, September 21, 2010; 11:46 AM

The Post's Pulitzer-winning dance critic Sarah Kaufman takes your questions about the season premiere of "Dancing With the Stars."


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Sarah Kaufman: Good morning, dance fans! Let's get this conversation going. Faves, raves? What's on your mind about the premiere, and the future?


Great cast this year...: Kyle was great! He put so much energy into the dance and had finesse too; he's a cutey pie. Rick Fox was classy and smooth as silk; his smile is to die for. Brandy was classy and so excited to be there-- I thought she might faint after the good comments and scores she got.Flo Henderson is a good rep for the senior crowd and seems so much fun and pleasant. Go Jennifer! She's a great rep for the mature, good looking ladies.I love how Len zinged The Situation --you might have guns but no ammunition-- that was the line of the night! The Situation has gotta go tonight! Hoff should go back to the beach and rest.

Sarah Kaufman: Kyle was adorable, and put on a show. But I saw more charisma than cha-cha. I was greatly surprised by Rick Fox, and Cheryl Burke's comment to him in the rehearsal, about "don't dance down to me, let me dance UP to you," is something we can all live by. In other words, as our mothers told us, stand up straight! That totally made his dance.


Early favorite?: Did any of the cast really stand out for you? Is it too early for you to predict a favorite?

Sarah Kaufman: person who's not an athlete, not a dancer, maybe not the best performer and she definitely needs to loosen up...but she showed us what she can really do. It was all her out there, not a presentation.

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