The coat (vacuum, ironing board, broom, laundry) closet

Thursday, September 23, 2010; PG08

Jen Wheeler's

coat closet in Arlington

97" h x 36" w x 41" d

The Challenge

The coat closet is one of only two closets in Wheeler's apartment. It has become a catch-all for many household items that have no other place to go, including coats, scarves, mittens and hats; a vacuum; reusable grocery totes; ironing board and iron; broom and mop; picnic bags and blankets; a cooler; small tool box; laundry detergent and a small stepladder. At more than three feet deep, the closet has lots of space but no efficient system to store everything.

The Solution

Provided by Closet Stretchers, 1220 Nebel St., Rockville, 301-468-1090

Price as shown: $769, including installation

More Ideas

· First, consider hanging space. Then design storage with a combination of shelves, baskets, drawers and hooks.

· Add hooks on the back of the door for often-used items that you can grab quickly.

· Take advantage of the deep space by installing shelving on the back wall and one side wall.

Storing items in a coat closet that could -- and should -- be stored elsewhere in the house.

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