An author gives writing advice for children

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Susan Meddaugh, the author of the "Martha Speaks" books about a talking dog, was one of the judges in the PBS Kids writing contest. She talks to kids often about writing, and she always tells them to just relax. "Tell a story from your own life, or just make up something that's crazy and ridiculous," she said. "Don't be afraid."

Here is some more advice for budding novelists: -- It doesn't matter if a story is really long or really short.

-- If you don't like drawing, do a story that's all words. If you don't like writing, do a story that's all pictures.

-- Team up with a friend: One of you can write; the other can draw.

-- Read aloud. Reading to your pet makes it fun and relaxing.

-- The best stories are original, so let your imagination go!

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