Going viral

Some of image-maker Fred Davis's commercials for Republican candidates

Fred Davis injects Hollywood glamour, and a dose of the bizarre, into the staid, paint-by-numbers formula of campaign advertisements. He has created popular, and effective, ads for such high-profile Republicans as Sen. John McCain, Carly Fiorina and his uncle, Sen. Jim Inhofe.
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fred Davis's political ads can be provocative. Here are a few that have received attention from the public and the media.

"Demon Sheep" (2010)

This video cast Carly Fiorina's more moderate opponent in this year's Republican Senate primary in California, Tom Campbell, as a red-eyed wolf in conservative sheep's clothing, stalking a herd of innocent sheep that are unaware of his lust for higher taxes.

"Hot Air: The Movie" (2010)

Also for Fiorina's campaign, this video depicts Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer's talking head swelling to a blimp. The incumbent's head fills with hot air, bursting through the Capitol dome and floating across the country as she talks and talks.

"Worst President in History" (2010)

The ad opens with GOP congressional candidate Ben Quayle -- son of the former veep, running in Arizona -- staring sternly into the camera and declaring: "Barack Obama is the worst president in history."

"Fence" (2010)

The ad cast Arizona Sen. John McCain as a blunt-talking anti-immigration crusader. Davis filmed this spot along Arizona's border with Mexico, and it helped McCain survive a bruising GOP primary.

"Celeb" (2008)

Perhaps the most memorable ad of the last presidential campaign, this commercial for McCain's campaign likened Barack Obama to celebrities Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

"Ballerina" (1994)

One of Davis's first political ads, this spot for James M. Inhofe's Senate campaign in Oklahoma depicts grizzled convicts taking ballet lessons in pink tutus. The commercial for Davis's uncle was a humorous assault on Democratic crime policies.

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